Thursday, April 19, 2012

Case Study: EucaSchool Part 3 - Setting up an IRCd

In my last post I detailed using screen as a teaching tool.  In this post I will go over using IRC to augment the demonstration with lecture/Q-and-A sessions and using a bot to record your sessions.  This post will deal specifically with setting up your own IRC service.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Case Study: EucaSchool Part 2 - Using Screen

In my last post I detailed the why on this project; this post will focus on the how.  Specifically this post will consolidate the various resources on the internet I culled to be able to set up screen to be used as a teaching tool.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Case Study: EucaSchool Part 1 - Introduction

At Eucalyptus one of the community projects that was suggested was to have IRC-based sessions in the style of "Learn From Eucalyptus."  In this series of blog posts I will detail the process by which EucaSchool was born: what tools were used, the pitfalls we encountered and ultimately how we've streamlined this process.  In the end, this is a work in progress with the following goals:
  1. Connect with community users on topics of interest for less formal learning sessions.
  2. Accomplish the above with minimal tool requirements for the end-users/students.
  3. Assess needed and currently available tools then determine how best to implement these in an automated fashion using best practices (what can be referred to as drinking our own champagne.)